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Hi! I’m Andrea Brame

I’m the owner of Nolensville Home Organizing. I moved to Middle Tennessee to attend MTSU in 2001, and I liked it so much that I stayed put and have called this region home since then.

Since 2019, I’ve been helping women all over the country declutter and organize their homes through my blog, This Modern Mess, training courses, and other digital products, including my ebook, Room to Live: 90 Days to a Clutter-Free Home. And now it is my joy to offer full-service organizing services for Nolensville, TN, and our surrounding communities.

When I’m not rearranging pantries or styling bookcases, I’m usually nose-deep in a book, enjoying local restaurants, or traveling with my husband and son. (If we’re not in town there’s a good chance you could find us trekking through Disney World or lounging on a beach in 30A.)

Why hire an organizer?

As a busy parent, you’re on the go, juggling everything life throws at you. And the last thing you have time for is sitting in a room, feeling overwhelmed by the clutter, fielding constant requests for snacks, and wondering where the heck to put everything, all while trying to hold it together. Because one more decision might just put you over the edge.

So let us take care of it, instead. Point us in the right direction, tell us what’s working (and what’s not), then take a deep breath, sit down, drink a sweet tea on the porch, and let us handle the rest. We’ve got your back.

(Just call us your organizing fairy godmothers, because we make the magic happen while you focus on your work or family.)

What to expect during your organizing session

Tackling organizing projects doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

We’ll take care of every step for you—from identifying problem spots, to sorting through piles, to selecting the best products for your space … and even to whisking away discarded or donated items afterward.

First, we sort …

We’ll go through items in a space, sorting them and then bringing you in for short decision-making sessions where you’ll decide what to keep and what to let go of in order to make room for the life you want for your family.

Then we simplify …

We’ll identify zones and systems that work with your lifestyle and are easy to maintain.

Keeping systems simple and sustainable for your family is our priority. Forget what people say you “should” do. If it hasn’t actually worked for you, it needs to change.

And, finally, we style!

The final touch to any project is styling your newly organized space with containers and labels that fit your aesthetic.

While function is always our primary goal, we also enjoy taking care of all the little details that delight.

Our organizing packages

Our full-service organizing packages help families get the job done, already, without adding one more task to the to-do list. Which one is right for you and your family?



(32 ONSITE organizer HOURS)

BEST FOR: large projects such as kitchens + walk-in pantries, multiple rooms, garages, attics, storage spaces

  • Product Recommendations
  • All shopping services included
  • One carload of donations removed at end of each day
  • Full-service donation and discard removal. (Paints, tires, large or hazardous item removal and disposal arrangements handled for an additional fee.)
  • Premium labels



BEST FOR: medium projects, such as small kitchens, walk-in pantries, master closets, playrooms, bedrooms

  • Product Recommendations
  • Shopping services available for an additional hourly fee
  • One carload of donations removed at end of each day
  • Standard labels


(8 ONSITE organizer hours)

BEST FOR: small projects, such as hall closets, small laundry rooms, closet pantries

  • Product Recommendations
    (shopping services not included)
  • One carload of donations removed at end of project
  • Standard labels

For all packages, additional time required to complete a project will be billed at an hourly rate. Products used are purchased separately. 50% of package price is due at time of booking to secure dates, and the remaining 50% is due prior to session start date. Any hours added on to complete the project and/or fees and products incurred on the client’s behalf will be billed and due at the completion of project. For packages booked within 30 days of home assessment, the $100 assessment fee will be applied to the package price.

Our step-by-step process

What our clients are saying

Our closet wasn’t working for us. It was cluttered, and we had not thought through how to best make the space serve our needs. It felt quite overwhelming!

Now it is clean, organized, and aesthetically pleasing! I love walking into our closet now! I know where all the clothing and other items belong. Everything has a home, and fits perfectly. I don’t even mind putting laundry away, a chore I used to hate!
Happy Client
Nolensville, TN
I just had no idea where to even get started!

It’s made our lives so much easier and less stressful knowing exactly what I have in the pantry at all times. It has been a game changer. Packing lunches is SO much easier. Knowing what we have and what we need is so much easier. It’s just been so helpful!
Happy Client
Brentwood, TN
Andrea is quick to listen to your needs, and takes the time get an idea of how your space is functioning.

What I appreciate most about her work is that she strikes a balance between making the space “look” organized (and beautiful), and adopting the systems that work best for you that you’re most likely to maintain after she’s finished!
Happy Client
Nolensville, TN

Ready to get started?